four top crystal shops in sedona, az

When I initially decided I was leaving Seattle to settle somewhere in the Southwest, there were a few factors that helped me land on Phoenix, AZ

  1. proximity to a major airport ✔️
  2. the 9 out of 12 months of AMAZING weather ✔️
  3. proximity to Sedona ✔️

Sedona, Arizona, for those of you who have never visited, is truly unlike anywhere else on the planet. I openly recognize that's a super bold statement, but I'm sticking by it, and once you visit, you'll know what I mean. Just short of two hours drive from Phoenix, but night and day in terms of vibe. There is just thisvibrant positive buzz of energy that washes over me every time I drive within view of the red rocks. Sometime in the future TBD, I'll do a post about all the amazing things to do if you ever decide to take a trip out (hiking! restaurants! hotels! tours! energy vortexes!), but for now, I'm going to focus on my Sedona-specific kryptonite: crystal shops. Sedona has PLENTY, and I've set foot in most of them, so here's a roundup of my favorite:

1. Malachite sphere from Center for the New Age |  2. Rainbow fluorite from Peace Place (I think...) | 3. Lapis Lazuli palm stone from Mystical Bazaar

1. Malachite sphere from Center for the New Age |  2. Rainbow fluorite from Peace Place (I think...) | 3. Lapis Lazuli palm stone from Mystical Bazaar

Mystical Bazaar

Hands down my favorite crystal shop in all Sedona. They *just* moved locations to a brand new space in early March (so the pictures on their website are old) and it fits them perfectly: tons of huge windows and gorgeous natural light that just helps all their amazing specimens just radiate. They're a great place to go if you're looking for something unique and special: last time I was there, they had several huge raw pink Halite crystal specimens (in a much deeper pink than the Halite pictured below), as well as some insanely vibrant coral pink stilbite. Just beautiful museum-level pieces that are breathtaking (and aspirational).  They also have a ton of jasper pyramids and spheres and unique and lovely pieces at more budget-friendly price points, as well as bowls full of smaller tumbled stones and a wall of really special pieces of jewelry. Every time I go in, I try **really hard** not to walk out with all of their handmade crystal malas because DAMN they are gorgeous. Their book selection is small, but they have a huge wall of oracle cards, if that's your jam. They also have a really special team of energy workers. In November, I had a tarot reading with Shalini (second from the bottom of the page) that was truly transformational.  Definitely a must-visit.

Crystal Gratitude

Located in the Creekside Center shopping plaza with a v. slanted parking situation (use your parking brake!!), Crystal Gratitude seems to focus more on quantity than variety. They don't have a wide variety of types of crystals, but the ones they do carry they have at a variety of price points, and the stock rotates pretty frequently. They are also hands-on, and when you walk in, you're greeted and encouraged to touch and handle any stone that calls to you, which I love. They're usually a great place to go for amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz, as well as man-made aura quartz. They also have a really neat selection of crystal skulls, as well as some of the most beautiful crystal geode skulls that I LUST after every time I visit. In the back of the store, they have a selection of Tibetan singing bowls and bells, as well as crystal singing bowls. In conjunction with their sister store, Peace Place (see below), they offer Reiki and energy healing in-store, and everyone on their staff is just warm and knowledgeable. 

Pink Halite from Crystal Gratitude

Pink Halite from Crystal Gratitude

Peace Place

Sister store to Crystal Gratitude, this healing center/crystal shop is situated off Jordan Road, far enough away from the tourist-y vibe of downtown upper Sedona, but also within strolling distance. Their selection is super varied and is always changing. I can (and have) gotten lost in there for hours just taking in their rows upon rows of gorgeous stones! They usually have some amazing lapis lazuli pieces (I picked up my favorite lapis bracelet there) as well as a great selection of both raw and tumbled malachite (my other fave stones). During my last visit, I picked up a GORGEOUS piece of Desert Rose Selenite that was mined semi-locally. And if you're in the mood for a healing, they have a wide-variety of energy workers available by appointment.

The Center for the New Age

On a scale of "museum" to "woo-woo central," Center for the New Age skews wayyyy toward the woo on the spectrum. To channel Stefon from SNL's Weekend Update: This place has EVERYTHING. UFO tours! Vortex experiences! Aura Photography! Grimoires! Hindu statues! It's like a New Age candy store. They have some beautiful, well-priced amethyst geodes and an amazing selection of new releases to out-of-print books on everything from Buddhism to crystals, from astrology to Tantra, from Crowley's work to Tolle's work. It's a great place to wander through on your way back out of town, or if you need a cool-down stroll post-hike. 

Ever been to Sedona? Have a favorite crystal shop? Let me know in the comments!