An Intro to Human Design | Interpreting Gates & Channels | The Planets | Part 3

Remember the Weird Sandwich Metaphor I used to describe how all these different points of information (unconscious design vs. conscious personality, planets, and lines of the hexagram) all come together to flavor how we understand and experience each gate and channel? Today we're going to finish unpacking another one of those layers in the Weird Sandwich: the planets.

To review: In Human Design, each one of our gates chills out with a specific planet or celestial body. That planet's astrological symbolism and mythology provide CRUCIAL CONTEXT into how we experience the gift or lesson of that gate.

EXTRA CREDIT: If you have a copy of your astrological natal chart, you can even take this info a step further: when Saturn, for example, is back in your natal house, the lessons and gifts of your gates and channels chilling with Saturn are going to be even more prominent around that time. Or if Mercury is in Retrograde, that might also impact how you experience the lessons and gifts chilling out with Mercury.

To start off though, let's dig a little deeper into each one of the planets to gain some insight into their symbolism and mythology and how they potentially influence our charts, following the order the information is presented in the bodygraph from (n.b. some software systems present the planets in a slightly different order, so always defer to the symbols next to the gate and line information for the most accurate analysis).

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.21.19 PM.png

SATURN (discipline, judgment, discernment)

Anywhere Saturn appears in our charts is an indication that through this gate or channel, we're going to be held accountable for the consequences of our actions. Saturn brings an energy of discipline and discernment and begs us to live up to our own values and morals. Just like a judge delivering a sentence, consequences follow when we act outside of our integrity, violating our own moral compass or personal laws. 

URANUS (unusualness, chaos & order, science)

Real talk: Uranus is my favorite planet in our solar system because it is via Uranus that we let our freak flag fly and give expression to what makes us individual, unique and unusual. Uranus is known as the earthquake planet, and its influence shakes us out of our complacency and makes room for the new, the chaotic, the strange and the fantastic. The gates and channels that chill with Uranus push is to live our life as the bravest, most honest, unique version of ourselves. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.22.45 PM.png

NEPTUNE (art, creativity, spirituality, illusion)

Neptune is all about surrender. It's one of the trickiest energies to pinpoint in terms of how it expresses itself in our lives. We can get clues from looking at where Neptune lives in our charts and recognizing when Not-Self behaviors (Frustration, Anger, Bitterness, and Disappointment) occur with respect to the gifts and lessons of those gates. Because Neptune is associated with spirituality, the gates and channels this planet touches can be a profoundly important teacher.

PLUTO (truth, transformation, psychology)

Even though Pluto has been downgraded from formal planet status, it still brings strong energy to our design. Think rebirth, metamorphosis, transformation. Pluto is all about truth as it's by looking the truth square in the eye that change is fueled. Pluto touches the truest parts of us and teaches us to find light in the darkness, hope in the shadows.

What gates in your chart are impacted by Pluto? Which are chilling with Saturn? What questions do you have about the gates and channels associated with Uranus in your chart?  Let me know in the comments!


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#TarotTuesday | A Closer Look at The Fool

Tuesdays are MAGICAL, a day for the celebration of all things TACO, TEQUILA, and TAROT. Each week, we're going to celebrate #TarotTuesday by taking a deep dive into one of the cards. We're going to start with the Major Arcana, and spend the first Tuesday looking at its upright presentation, and the next Tuesday studying the Rx. Let's get started with the first card in the Major Arcana: The Fool.

The first card in the Major Arcana tells us to expect the unexpected. In the Rider Waite deck, The Fool, dressed fresh to death, wearing a look of ultimate serenity, eyes heavenward, strides toward the edge of the cliff without taking notice of the fact that HE'S STRIDING TOWARD THE EDGE OF A CLIFF. In that bundle, he carries all of his earthly possessions (he was an early adopter of the minimalism trend).

The planetary ruler of The Fool is Uranus. Fun fact: Uranus has such an extreme tilt to its axis that it appears like it's orbiting the sun on its side. In astrology, Uranus represents eccentricity, originality, and individuality, making it a fitting ruler for The Fool, who balks at convention and walks through the world to the beat of his own drum. (n.b. second fun fact: British astronomer William Herschel discovered Uranus on my birthday, March 13, of 1781. The more you know 💫) The energy of Uranus is all about innovation, about ducking responsibilities and defying norms and expectations. 

The Fool is also associated with the element of air, which is all about ideas and dreams as they exist in the realm of inspiration before we ground them in space and time by actually acting on them. Air is pure possibility and potential, a vibe The Fool totally embodies. Robert Wang, in his text The Jungian Tarot and its Archetypal Imagery (FANTASTIC beach read! j/k It's super informative but definitely requires focus and a highlighter) sums it up: "Thus, The Fool, the first card in the modern tarot deck, may legitimately be viewed as the principle of universal becoming and the source of all that is known. It is symbolic of the very creation of the universe." (p 17). So when we draw The Fool in a tarot deck we are throwing it wayyyyyyyy back and starting at the very very beginning.

The Fool is enthusiastic and bursting with pure creative energy. When we embody the energy of The Fool, we have boundless potential and are ready to take that ultimate leap of faith, crowning  The Fool the ultimate YOLO card of the deck (you thought YOLO was finally over, didn't you. NOPE). When The Fool appears in a reading, be ready to experience profound change.

As all cards in the tarot, The Fool can present as either upright or reversed, light or shadow, a model or a warning. As a model, The Fool encourages us to be open, spontaneous, to follow that which sets our soul on fire. We're encouraged to trust our gut and follow our bliss, basking in how good it feels to be in the flow.

As a warning, the Fool cautions us against willful ignorance and arrogance and begs us to slow down and reflect. Like in the She Wolfe deck above, The Fool is ready to take that leap of faith...but there are wolves and dangerous-looking black holes below her. As a warning, we might want to look before we leap.

Regardless of direction, The Fool is brings with him a message: a big choice lies before us, and we need to be prepared for a whole new way of thinking and being in the world.

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