1. Run your chart at myBodygraph.com. It's free. Who doesn't love free??? Remember your password (learn from my mistake🤦🏻‍♀️) because we're going to break down every single piece and part of the chart together over the next several weeks. Info you'll need: birth place, date and time. If you ran it on a different site, NO WORRIES! The info is the same regardless of the software system.

2. Read this post that explains what Human Design is OR take this FREE micro-course entitled “WTF is Human Design?” (code: NOURISH)

3. CENTERS: We're starting our deep dive by going into each of the nine centers: 



6. PROFILES (Lines)

7. PLANETS (celestial and astrological influences in our charts)

8. THE PROFILES (coming soon!)

  • 1/3 Investigator/Martyr

  • 1/4 Investigator/Opportunist

  • 2/4 Hermit/Opportunist

  • 2/5 Hermit/Heretic

  • 3/5 Martyr/Heretic

  • 3/6 Martyr/Role Model

  • 4/6 Opportunist/Role Model

  • 4/1 Opportunist/Investigator

  • 5/1 Heretic/Investigator

  • 5/2 Heretic/Hermit

  • 6/2 Role Model/Hermit

  • 6/3 Role Model/Martyr

Each time I add a new post with more info, I'll add to this chain :)

I'm writing as fast as my little fingers can type, so THANK YOU in advance for your patience, your grace, and your support and for learning alongside me! XOXO 🌙


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