Here's what people are saying about their Human Design readings with Jaclyn Michelle:

Laura (Ireland)


"Since becoming a mother, I knew that my career path wasn’t right for me and that there was something else I needed to do with life. I was feeling lost and all attempts to move forward seemed impossible.

As soon as I heard about Human Design, I took to Google to find out everything I could in the hope that I’d find answers. My journey was short, because other than finding out my design type, I couldn’t understand anything I read! So, I decided to ask Jaclyn Michelle to read my chart for me, and I’m so glad I did. It honestly was like someone had unpicked the parts of my personality that I wasn’t even fully aware off and made sense of them.

The reading was like someone looking into your heart and showing you that all things you thought were ‘wrong’ with you, are actually part of your design. That if you work with them, rather than push against them, your life will unfold with ease. Her insights were incredible and the future seems so much more positive.

Jaclyn Michelle is not only a lovely person, she is also amazing at what she does. She is thoughtful, direct and speaks with intelligence. I’m so glad I found her!"

Sarah (Switzerland)

"Jaclyn Michelle wasn’t my first Human Design reading.  I had previously gone to someone else…and was left completely confused.

Thankfully, Jaclyn made everything so simple! She is lovely and so knowledgable and passionate about what she does. I felt in good hands. Our reading was great and just what I needed."

Ella (Kentucky, United States)

"I just recently got into Human Design. I was so intrigued and excited to find out what my chart meant but I was having trouble figuring out the specifics online. There's a lot of information for the main types but all the channels and gates and arrows get confusing! I was so blessed to have Jaclyn provide her insight to my chart. I now understand it a lot better and have been able to apply some of it to my everyday life!

If you're looking for some guidance with your chart, I definitely recommend getting a reading from Jaclyn!"

Ashley (United States)

"I had to let you know your insight and Human Design has literally changed my life! I have never felt this self aware and awake. I’ve listened to my reading a few times and have taken away something new each time. 

I also listened to my Authority on a major life decision and have never felt so much peace with my decision. 

Thank you so very much!!!!"

Amber (Southern California, United States) 


“Jaclyn was someone who I reached out to after having reached out to many other Human Design experts. I had purchased their online material and it had left me with the same unanswered questions as before. I approached Jaclyn and I am so grateful to her. She spent a lot of time answering my questions with an open heart and deep specific details. I resonate with her so much because she genuinely wants people to learn. You can feel her passion not only for the material, but for the betterment of the people who enter her life. Her energy is accepting and approachable and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her for all of my Human Design needs!”

Kimberly (Southern California, United States)


“I loved learning from Jaclyn about my Human Design chart. She was able to take these complicated ideas and make them so practical and relatable to me. I experienced so many "a-ha" moments during my reading. The reading with Jaclyn helped me feel more compassionate towards my natural inclinations and excited about my abilities! I would recommend a reading with Jaclyn to anyone interested in Human Design. She knows her stuff and I'm so thankful to have found her.”