interior creature’s approach to Human Design

  1. We believe Human Design can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal development and the teachings should be accessible for everyone. Income-level should not determine who get access to the system.

  2. We see Human Design as a map, not a destination. Human Design is one big energetic experiment, and no one masters living their design perfectly. As humans, we are complex creatures with a wide range of experiences and how we walk through the world is absolutely shaped by the world we walk in. Our charts can provide insight into what feelings, qualities and energies feel most authentic, and which hold ourselves and others back from living our most compassionate and connected lives.

  3. To engage with our Human Design, we must think bigger than how our energies impact us to how they impacts others. So much of Human Design talks about how we exchange energy with other people, who is meant to change us and who we are meant to change at the individual, community and collective levels.

  4. Just because you are patterned for a specific energy (a closed center, an activated gate, etc) does not mean the expression of that energy is perfect, unless your definition of perfect includes and acknowledges our humanity and our capacity to fuck up, to behave selfishly, as well as to learn from our mistakes and to grow.

  5. Likewise, just because you are patterned for a specific energy (a closed center, an activated gate), does not mean you are immune to conditioning. The world is very different from when it was in 1987 when the system was “channeled.” In America, it is extremely difficult to escape the pervasiveness that is technology. Our news channels run 24-7. For many, their smart phone is one of the first things that they touch each morning and the last thing they touch each night. Conditioning, programming, messaging and influence is all around us at all times, from friends, family members, colleagues, strangers, politicians, advertising…we live in an “influence” saturated culture. Being an “influencer” is even a recognized occupation! The point is, even if a way of expressing our energy is patterned to feel natural to us, it is very possible we’ve taken in conditioning that prevents us in meeting the world in that way (ex: think about someone with Emotional Solar Plexus Authority who was repeatedly told as a child that they were too sensitive, that their emotions weren’t polite, that they were being a drama queen, that they looked ugly when they cried…how uncomfortable might that person be, as an adult, to look to their feelings for intuitive guidance?). TL;DR: we don’t get a free pass on our closed centers and their gates. We still need to hold the mirror up and do the work of unpacking what’s authentically ours and what doesn’t belong there.

  6. Furthermore, we are not victims of the energies of others through our open centers. Openness in our charts does not make us weak or vulnerable; it makes us sensitive and perceptive. Ultimately, through practices like meditation, breathwork, EFT, exercise, journaling, etc. we get to decide how that energy moves through us and how much gets and stays stuck in our bodies.

  7. Each and every day we choose how we show up in the world, and need to recognize, own, and reflect on our impact, regardless of intention. Part of doing the work around shedding our conditioning is acknowledging that we are living in a global culture that is a heteronormative, cis-normative, classist, ableist, ageist, white supremacist/often overtly racist and deeply sexist patriarchy and these messages are deeply ingrained. From the time we were itty-bitty, we have been inundated with messaging around what it means to walk through the world in the body we’ve been given, so part of the work when we reflect on our own charts is to start actively taking steps to dismantle those systems that privilege the few at the expense of many. We feel as if Human Design can be used as in that work (real talk, we’re still working on what that exactly looks like)…and we also realize that makes us outliers as that is not the way the majority of practitioners use it, which makes them deeply uncomfortable (which we know because they’ve told us). And we’re OK with that.

about jaclyn michelle & interior creature

Welcome to the interior creature community! I am so happy you stopped by!

My name is Jaclyn Michelle, and I’m the voice behind interior creature. I’m also a recovering workaholic.

In the winter/spring of 2017, I was giving all of my energy to a corporate job that was sucking the life out of me. 80+ hour work weeks were so common they were becoming the norm, and there were months at a time where I spent Sunday afternoon through midnight Friday rushing from state to state, racing from presentation to meeting to late-night flight, running on SO MUCH caffeine and very little sleep.

Those expectations and that lifestyle was not healthy, reasonable, or sustainable. In short: Corporate culture is BROKEN. Churn-and-burn is a fucked up business model. **screams into the void**

Anyway, it was clear my current job was not working for me anymore. On top of the sheer workload, I was being put into situations that were ethically not ok/way outside of my integrity (and facing oh so much sexism!). My body was SICK and TIRED. I was effing MISERABLE and I knew something had to shift…but I had no exit strategy. I didn’t know what was supposed to come next. I just knew that THIS was WRONG.

Around that time, I was in a group on Facebook and noticed a post where a woman shared a similar story (but told with much more composure heehee): she was in a job that had long since stopped giving her joy, but because she had given so much of her energy to said job, she had lost touch with what she was passionate about (which resonated SO HARD), and she was looking for spiritual/metaphysical/woo-woo suggestions that might help guide her back to her path. One of the commenters suggested that the original poster have her Human Design chart read, and said that the reading she received gave her powerful insight into what she was here to do and how she was meant to walk through the world. As I read those words, I felt something stirring inside in a way that I hadn’t in a long time. I had never heard of Human Design before, but I was determined to figure out what it was and what my chart said.

So I took to the interwebs.

I ran my chart on a free site, and I set out to google all the parts and pieces of my chart…but I was really disappointed with what I found. Many of the in-depth resources were hidden behind $50-75 pay walls…how much would I have to spend to piecemeal an understanding of my chart? And the free resources were dense and jargony, written as if the reader already had a background in Human Design. No one was communicating about this system in a clear, practical, actionable way.

After a few frustrating attempts to go it on my own, I broke down and paid $$ for an in-depth chart analysis document from one site, thinking that maybe one had to buy their way into a clearer read of their chart…but the explanations from that document were just as jargony and dense as the free information I had read, and they didn’t move the needle much in terms of my understanding.

I flirted with the idea of investing in a reading, but as I started to price readers, I was blown away with how much they were charging. Most were $300-500 for 60 minutes. From the little I had read so far about Ra Uru Hu, the reason he received the “download” of this information was to shift humanity, how we interact with each other and how we understand ourselves. That might have been the theory, but it certainly wasn’t the practice. A very clear message began to emerge: this system can be super transformative, but only for those with the money and privilege to access it…and that felt unethical and slimy and predatory and wrong.

The only thing that kept me going was that, as I began to cobble together a surface-level understanding of my chart, I started to see a familiar picture emerge: everything I read felt incredibly true. I deeply felt there was value here…I just needed to keep digging. And at that point, I decided that if what I found held value, that I was going to find a way to share it widely.

Around this time, I hit in point at work where it was just no longer physically/spiritually/ ethically/energetically possible to continue working there, so I quit. I had no idea what I would do next, and I was very privileged to have a healthy savings to support my transition, so I decided to take some time to rest and heal and try to find my way back to myself, and that I would use my Human Design chart as my map.

I invested in all the Human Design books I could get my hands on and started studying intensely. When I finally, after about a month, unpacked my own chart, I was incredibly moved by how completely articulated I felt. So I started to ask family members and friends for their date/time/place of birth and set to work decoding their designs. Everything I found fit that person and their way of walking through the world so perfectly…I just felt very pulled toward finding a way to make this powerful information accessible to as many people as possible. And interior creature was born.

Prior to creating interior creature, for the first 13 years of my professional life, I was working K-12 education: as a first and second grade teacher, as a literacy coach, in sales, as a curriculum writer, and teaching both teachers and children both in and out of the classroom. I also hold an MST (Masters of Science for Teachers in Childhood Education). Teaching is my passion, and I’m really good at breaking complex ideas into bite-sized, managable pieces that are practical, actionable, and accessible.

Here at interior creature, I’m very intentionally disrupting the existing paradigm around Human Design. No gurus. No spiritual bypassing. This is Human Design for the real world.

There are multiple pathways here to get an understanding of your own chart:

  • FREE: I offer a super-organized click path for those who want a DIY approach (my fellow Investigators, I SEE YOU!). As often as possible, I add posts about different parts of the chart. Right now, you can access information about open and closed CENTERS, TYPE & STRATEGY, AUTHORITY, lines of the hexagram, and the influence of the planets. I’m working on sharing information on the PROFILES next.

  • LOW-COST: I offer a subscription community that houses a resource bank full of audio and video content, downloadables, how-to’s, and journal pages, and the content directly responds to the needs of the community. Every week or so, I add a bunch of new content…it’s a way to both support me and interior creature as you get the knowledge and resources you need to hack your own Human Design chart.

  • 1:1 CHART ANALYSIS: My favorite part of my day is connecting with clients for a 1:1 chart reading. I very intentionally set my pricing well-below the industry standard of $300-400 for 60 minutes (my 1:1 readings are $180 and usually are 90-120 min long).

    I set my prices literally by reverse-engineering my budget. interior creature is my full time job, so I asked myself: How much did I have to bring in a month to pay my bills and put some money into savings? How many clients was I, on average, bringing in? And what was that magic number that allows me to offer the lowest price point possible while still meeting my immediate needs? Then I also needed to factor in the 90 minutes it takes me to analyze a chart plus the 2 hours on average spent with a client...I'm not sure that where I landed pricing-wise is perfect, so as interior creature grows and my calendar fills up, I look forward to being able to offer YOU by design as a free resource and offering more discounted readings. In the meantime, subscribers to the newsletter regularly receive coupon codes for 20% off, and I offer several readings a month at reduced or no cost to those who are not financially able to afford a reading but feel they would benefit from the tools.